Nexus 41 Release Notes

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System Requirements

MXML XML Parsing Library

Version 2.2.2 or higher of mxml is required. Earlier versions have a bug and the XML API will not work. This package can be downloded in both source and binary rpm form and is also available as part of Fedora Extras. IMPORTANT NOTE: Debian also provides the mxml package, but it based on 2.0 and will not work properly.

Building Notes

NAG F90/F95 Compiler

The NAG compiler needs the -mismatch flag to be specified or else it will not compile NXmodule.f90 This is achieve by running configure with the FCFLAGS environment variable set to contain the flag e.g.

env FCFLAGS="-mismatch" ./configure --with-f90=f95

HDF4 on Intel Macs

There is a problem with the include file, hdfi.h (normally in /usr/local/include). See for details of the modifications necessary to fix it.

New Features

  • New types NX_INT64 and NX_UINT64 to suppport 64 bit integers (only available in HDF5 and XML) details.
  • Python bindings are now included in the Windows install kit details

Changed Features

Known Issues

Miscellaneous bug fixes

The following items are bugs reported in previous releases and resolved in the 4.1 release.

  • The Fortran 90 part of testsuite failed with the Absoft compiler on MacOSX (it passed with g95 and gfortran (4.2)) details here
  • NXputattr assumed NULL termination of NX_CHAR attributes, which is usually the case in C but not true for JAVA. A workaround is to add '\0' manually bug report
  • pkgconfig issue bug report
  • Build issue with MXML-2.3 bug report
  • XML buffer resizing performance issue bug report
  • Documentation is now installed to "datadir" (/usr/share) bug report

Upcoming Features