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Dowload the release candidate from the NeXus download page. Issues reported with this release can be found here and results to testing on NeXus_43_Testing

New Features

Changed Features

System Requirements

MXML XML Parsing Library

Version 2.2.2 or higher of mxml is required. Earlier versions have a bug and the XML API will not work. This package can be downloded in both source and binary rpm form and is also available as part of Fedora Extras. IMPORTANT NOTE: Debian also provides the mxml package, but it based on 2.0 and will not work properly.

Python Interface You will need both the numpy and ctypes modules to be available. These are provided in both the Fedora and EPEL repositories.

HDF5 Version Only the HDF5-1.8.* series (and above) is now supported.

Building Notes

Known Issues

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Upcoming Features

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