Nexus 4 Release Notes

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System Requirements

MXML XML Parsing Library

Version 2.2.2 of mxml is required. Earlier versions have a bug and the XML API will not work. This package can be downloded in both source and binary rpm form and is also available as part of Fedora Extras. IMPORTANT NOTE: Debian also provides the mxml package, but it based on 2.0 and will not work properly.

Building Notes

NAG F90/F95 Compiler

The NAG compiler needs the -mismatch flag to be specified or else it will not compile NXmodule.f90 This is achieve by running configure with the FCFLAGS environment variable set to contain the flag e.g.

env FCFLAGS="-mismatch" ./configure --with-f90=f95

New Features

The following items are features added to the NeXus API to provide new functionality to the core library or to assist in the build process.

  • Extended XML-API to handle unlimited dimensions
  • Add building of Doxygen documentation
  • Add support for two dimensional character arrays (HDF4 and HDF5 only)
  • Added group attribute support to HDF4 (2006/05/02). Requires HDF4 version (???)
  • Add NXmakenamedlink (2007/01/09) to all three file formats (external linking)
  • Add NXprintlink
  • Improved link testing in test suite
  • API can now read generic HDF5 files, such as those produced by matlab
  • Add facility to enable/disable error reporting
  • New NXsummary tool for summarising contentes of a NeXus file
  • Fortran 90 API now works with gfortran 4.2 and above as well as with G95
  • PYTHON and TCL bindings provided via a SWIG interface
  • Additional NXtranslate translators: SPEC, ESRF-EDF

Changed Features

The following aspects of the API have changed in a potentially non-backward compatible way

  • The JAVA API now uses org.nexusformat rather than

Known Issues

The main problems are summarised here - for a complete list see all reported 4.0.0 issues

  • The Fortran 90 part of testsuite fails with the Absoft compiler on MacOSX (it passes with g95 and gfortran (4.2)) details here
  • NXputattr assumes NULL termination of NX_CHAR attributes, which is usually the case in C but not true for JAVA. A workaround is to add '\0' manually. This error has been fixed in the code and will be available in the next release. More information is available in the bug report

Miscellaneous bug fixes

The following items are bugs reported in the 3.x releases and resolved for the 4.0 release.

  • Leading and trailing whitespace is stripped from char data on a read; this can be disabled by passing the NXACC_NOSTRIP option to NXopen
  • Fix problems with MXML (what problems?)
  • Improve test procedures when not all libraries are present
  • Correct sourcepath for javadoc
  • Updated makefiles for swig bindings (python, tcl)

Upcoming Features

Work on these features is still in progress. They are expected to be part of the NeXus 4.1 release.

  • Add skeletal utility functions (NXU) to API (2005/04/26)